The Office of Human Research (OHR) is the administrative support office for the George Washington University (GW) Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). OHR's mission is to support the GW research community in the conduct of innovative and ethical research by providing guidance, education and oversight for the protection of human subjects.





Each project will undergo either full board review, expedited review, or exempt registration. Learn more about when each type of review is appropriate.



OHR accepts applications from faculty, students and staff of the George Washington University, GW Medical Faculty Associates (MFA), and the GW Hospital.



Reliance is an agreement between two institutions that allows one institution’s IRB to rely on another institution’s IRB for review of human subjects research.


Submit and Track Applications Electronically

Investigators can initiate and track the status of IRB applications within the human subjects module of GW iRIS. The system automatically routes applications for approval and streamlines the review process. Paper forms and email submissions can no longer be accepted.

For information about logging into the system, training and support, please view the GW iRIS webpage.

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