Continuing Review of Studies


Continuing Review of Expedited & Full Board Studies

All expedited and full board research studies approved by the GW IRB require continuing review.  Principal Investigators (PI) are responsible for submitting the Continuing Review form application (HRP-202) containing sufficient information. In addition to this form, the Research Team Personnel Form (HRP-201) must be submitted.

In cases where a Continuing Review form application (HRP-202) is not submitted prior to the expiration date, or in cases where the continuing review form is significantly incomplete and the PI has not responded to a request for information, the study will expire.  At the time of expiration, all research activity must stop and the consent form (if applicable) is no longer valid.

When study approval expires, if you would like to re-initiate IRB review of the study, the PI must submit a new application along with a progress note on activity that occurred prior to expiration.

For research studies that have been completed, a closure form (HRP-206) should be submitted.

Exempt studies

DO NOT require a renewal.




IRB Forms

Please find the New Chart Review Application Form with New Application Forms below.

Always check the website for latest versions of IRB forms.​

Research Tools

Helpful documents when developing an IRB submission