New Study Forms

All studies must be submitted to OHR via GW iRIS.

New Study Forms can be submitted by the following path in GW iRIS:

  • Study Assistant > Add a New Study

All new studies require

  • New Study Application Form
    New Chart Review Application Form
  • And, if the study team is more than only the PI and primary contact,
    Research Team Personnel Form*
    *Please submit CITI training completion certificates for ALL team members with your application.

Supplemental forms for a new application, as needed

  • Principal Investigator Exception Form
  • Humanitarian Use Device (HUD) Application Form
  • Funding Source Supplemental Form
  • Student Investigator's Responsibilities Form
  • Prisoner's Certification Supplemental Form
  • Children Supplemental Form
  • International/Non-English Speakers Supplemental Form
  • Waiver or Alteration of Consent Supplemental Form
  • Drug Supplemental Form
  • Device Supplemental Form

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