IRB Forms

Please find the New Chart Review Application Form with New Application Forms below.

Always check the website for latest versions of IRB forms.​

Please see all necessary forms in the menu to the left or below.

Please note:

  • Please download IRB submission forms only when you are ready to use them as they are updated frequently.
  • No hand written forms are accepted.
  • All IRB forms require the signature of the GW PI.
  • All initial applications require the signature of the PI and the PI's Department Chair
  • All IRB applications with a MFA Faculty member as PI must obtain the signature of either Dr. Simon or Dr. Wasserman as well as the signature from the Office of Clinical Research.
  • All PI's must be a regular faculty member or submit a PI Exception Form. Please refer to our FAQ page for more information on who is permitted to serve as PI.
  • All research team members must have current CITI training completed (Biomedical or Social/Behavioral research modules) within the past two years ( New applications listing team members who do not have current CITI training will be returned. If the research is Biomedical or clinical in nature, all team members are highly encouraged to also take the GCP CITI training module.
  • All research team members accessing PHI must have also completed CITI HIPS training (
  • Incomplete submissions or submissions with missing requirements will be returned.
  • Unsure whether your project needs IRB review? Refer to the "When is IRB Review Needed" page.


New Application Forms

Not sure if you need to submit a study to the IRB for approval? Find out here.

Modification Request Form

It is recommended that one modification be approved by the IRB before another modification for the same study is submitted.

Continuing Review Request Form

Continuing review of an IRB approved study, MUST be submitted at least 30-60 days PRIOR to study expiration date. For more information on continuing review applications please see the Renewing Studies page.

Closure Form

Submit this form if data collection is complete or ongoing analysis of de-identified data only. This form MUST be submitted at least 30-60 days PRIOR to expiration date. Please see the Closing Studies page for more information.

Promptly Reportable Information Form

Report ALL unanticipated problems involving risks to participants in research-both subjects and investigators.