Meet Our Team

Office of Human Research Staff

Cynthia Gates, JD
Interim Managing Director, Regulatory Oversight
[email protected]

Jennifer L. Christensen, PharmD, BCPS, RPh, CIP
Interim Director
[email protected]

Liudmila Tahai, MSPH&HS, CIP
Assistant Director
[email protected]

Prema Chaudhari, PhD, CIP
Lead IRB Analyst
[email protected]

Richmond Amoako, MPH, CPH, CIP
IRB Administrator
[email protected]

James Foreman, MA
IRB Analyst
[email protected]

The Office of Human Research is a unit of the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance.

Human Research Protection Program Consultants

Kelley O'Donoghue

Cheryl Danton

Alan Teller