Education, Outreach, & Training


Classroom Outreach Requests

An OHR representative can visit your classroom and conduct an IRB process, human subjects research, or ethics workshop upon request. Please submit requests at least one month in advance, if able. This allows time to tailor the outreach to your specific needs. Please send requests to [email protected], with the subject line "Classroom Outreach Request." Include your name, date and time requested, department name, and type of request. Arrangements can be made to visit all campuses. Evening (after 5:30PM) classroom sessions are hosted via WebEx.

Department Visits

OHR staff are available to visit your department or specific group to provide a presentation and/or assistance with IRB process, human subjects research, or ethics workshop. Please send requests to [email protected], subject line “Department Outreach Request." Include your name, date, time, department and type of request. We will work with you to create a presentation or facilitate a discussion that best meets the needs of your group.

Individual Appointments

If you would like to discuss your project in more detail, or if you are new to research at GW, you may request a ½ hour appointment with OHR via phone or in person. This ensures that we have availability and dedicated time to work with you. Please send your request to [email protected]. Our office hours for appointments are Mondays 9AM-1PM and Wednesdays 12-3PM.

IRB Training Series

IRB Training Series

The IRB Training Series is OHR's educational offering for the GW research community and covers a range of topics related to the IRB review process, human subjects research, and the policies and federal regulations that guide GW human subjects research protections programs.  We invite all GW researchers, faculty, staff, and students involved with or considering conducting human subjects research to attend the IRB Training Series as often as possible.

The upcoming IRB Training Series session topics are posted here.


Materials from past IRB Training Series sessions

March 15, 2017 - Research on Mobile Applications