Study Modification Forms

The Modification Request Form can be submitted by following this path within GW iRIS:

  • Study Assistant > Submit a Form; or
  • Study Assistant > My Studies > Open the study for which you’d like to submit a request/form

Please note that an application needs to have been submitted previously in order for this form to be accessible. Users who submitted a study on or before May 24, 2018 will be able to access these studies in GW iRIS but these legacy studies will only have a visible title, principal investigator and status. For additional guidance, please see the "Important note regarding 'legacy studies'" below.

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Important note regarding “legacy studies” (studies submitted prior to May 24, 2018)

Studies submitted prior to the launch of GW iRIS are known as legacy studies. Legacy studies are available in GW iRIS with basic information such as project title, IRB number and principal investigator. While the full study details do not appear in the online system, modification requests should still be submitted via GW iRIS.

During the process of requesting a modification via GW iRIS, users will reach a section that says, “Revise the application to reflect the proposed changes.” (Figure 1) The system will provide an option to attach a study application and will suggest that “No Application has been associated with this submission.” It is not necessary to complete this field for modifications to legacy studies.


GW iRIS Screenshot for Modification Request
Figure 1


Instead, please submit any relevant documents or files (e.g., copies of the IRB approved application, tracked changes version of documents to be modified, etc.) by attaching them further down the application where you can “Add a New Document” or “Add Multiple Documents.” (Figure 2)


GW iRIS Screenshot of Adding a New Document
Figure 2