CITI Courses, Accounts & Information

Which CITI courses should be completed for human subjects research at GW?

All researchers must complete either the Social & Behavioral Research OR Biomedical Investigators “Basic Course." 

You should select the basic course that is relevant to your research. For example, biomedical research includes studies designed primarily to increase the scientific base of information about normal or abnormal physiology and development and studies primarily intended to evaluate the safety, effectiveness or usefulness of a medical product, procedure or intervention. All CITI courses are found on the CITI website.

(Note: The Responsible Conduct of Research Modules do not satisfy these training requirements)

Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) training is required for any research team members who are obtaining, viewing, or otherwise handling Protected Health Information (PHI) (e.g., reviewing medical records).

All research team members working on Biomedical research studies are highly encouraged to also take the CITI Training on Good Clinical Practice.

All courses can be found on the CITI website after creating and affiliating an account with GW.


Registration & General Information

To register an account with CITI please go to the CITI website (be sure to affiliate your account with GW!)

Please see our step-by-step instructions on registering your CITI account, selecting courses, steps for refresher courses, and obtaining completion reports.

Researchers must correctly answer 75% of the questions in each section to successfully pass.  If a course section is failed, the researcher will immediately be given the opportunity to retake that section’s exam.

Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring all research staff have completed the GW required CITI courses. It is the responsibility of the PI and research staff to keep track of CITI completion reports. These reports can be obtained by logging into your account viewing the course you've completed and selecting the "Print Completion Report" button. CITI completion reports do not need to be submitted to the OHR for any GW faculty, staff, or students who have completed CITI at GW.


Username and Password Information

If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact the CITI Support Desk. If you have affiliated your account with GW, the OHR staff will be able to send you a password reset email or resend the validation email.  Do NOT create a new account!

CITI Support Desk: Phone 888.529.5929 or [email protected]